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Play and experiment
with photonics.

GoPhoton! is developing the Photonics Toolkit and two applications for smartphones intended for schools, industry and the general public, to experiment and play with photonics.

Photonics Toolkits

The toolkit will be a collection of hands-on experiments, training material and educational videos. It will be composed of three different modules:

Module 1: targeted to secondary school students
Module 2: targeted to talented, gifted students
Module 3: targeted to industry

EYESTvzw is responsible for the exclusive distribution of the Photonics Toolkit. The kit equips the teacher or activity moderator with experimental material provided within a supporting educational framework.

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Photonics Apps

Photonics has many applications, one of which is the development of applications for smartphones and tablets. Our applications use the camera of phone terminals to capture meaningful changes in the light, such as the redness in the skin or even the heart rate.

Stay tuned for our applications that will be available early 2015!

Download App 1
Download App 2
2015, Internacional Year of Light