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Obre els Ulls - the show that closes GoPhoton!

Barcelona will host the closing of GoPhoton! with a show by Muralla15 developed in collaboration with ICFO. The show will take place in the Museum of Barcelona's History and will be open to everybody who gets one of the free tickets that will be distributed at the entrance one hour before each of the two passes that will happen at 8pm and 10pm. This event is part of the light festival Llum BCN.


Date: 13 February

Time: 20:00h and 22:00h

Where: El Tinell (Museum of Barcelona's History), Barcelona

PhotonicSplash Galway

PhotonicSplash Galway

1st edition of the Young Photonic Congress in Barcelona


ICFO launches the 1st Young Photonic Congress that will take place on the 20th of November. 


You can find more information of the congress and the instructions to participate here







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Lighting the Quadrangle

Lighting the landmark location of university up to mark LIGHT2015 and the  PhotonicSplash in Galway. This historic building signifies all that is great about our the endeavour of scientific exploration. It is the perfect symbol to promote what has been a fantastic year for Photonics. Embrace the power of light.




Where: Quadrangle, NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland

Date: 14th/15th November             

Time: 5pm-12pm

GoPhoton! in the Researchers' Night 2015 (Barcelona)

Together with other research institutions, ICFO will participate in the Researchers' Night event that will take place in the CCCB in Barcelona. GoPohton! will be present with two of the projects' activities (the Photonics Exhibition and the Photonics Magic Show). ICFO will also use the event to perform some measurements for the iSPEX citizen science experiment that is coordinating in Barcelona within the European project LIGHT2015. Other activities in which ICFO will take part are the talk "Nanophotonics: when the light opens the door to the nano world" by Romain Quidant, Group Leader of ICFO's Nanophotonics group, and the round table in which María García-Parejo, ICFO's Group Leader of Biophotonics, will participate.


Where: CCCB, Montalegre 5, Barcelona

When: 25 September, 17:00-21:00


programa ERN15


Open Day (Milano)

Place: Politecnico di Milano, Dipartamento di Fisica


Time: 14:30-16:30

Girls, Boys and Photonics (Milano)

Place: Politecnico di Milano, Aula De Donato and Aula S.04


Time: 8:30-12:30

Photonics for Young Minds

Place: Politecnico di Milano, Aula S.04


Time: 8:30-12:30

LIGHTtalks: enlighting the future

Place: Politecnico di Milano, Aula Natta


Time: 17:30-19:00