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To learn where and when each of the activities will take place, please see the Agenda.

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Photonics Opening

All PhotonicSplashes will be inaugurated with an opening event.


GoPhoton! partners will inaugurate their PhotonicSplash week with a festive event combining light, music and cultural elements. The objective of this activity is to bring photonics into the spotlight, and to increase the visibility of the activities that will take place in the different participating cities. Travel with your mind to the eight European cities participating in GoPhoton!  through light and music.


There will be a collaborative light painting activity, and many more surprises at different locations!


Check the AGENDA to learn where and when the opening events happen!


Photonics Exhibition

GoPhoton! is preparing “The Power of Light: from Fiction to Society”, an exhibition about Photonics and its applications, designed and conceptualized to capture the attention of students and general public. This exhibition will be showcased in all GoPhoton! cities at different locations, such as universities, museums and even train stations.


Once the GoPhoton! exhibitions have finished, the posters will be available for outreach activities. If you are interested in this material, contact us.


Check the AGENDA to see where you will be able to visit this special exhibition!



Photonics is powerful, and GoPhoton! wants to talk about it, especially about the professional perspectives and its industrial applications. We are preparing two series of talks,“Careers in Photonics” and “Lighting the Future”,  and you are invited to attend and to meet in an informal setting with experts from different scientific and professional career fields.


Check the AGENDA to find out where the next LIGHTtalks will take place!


Girls, Boys and Photonics

A congress for young students that combines workshops and hands-on experiments, presentations offering vocational and academic guidance, discussion about role models, as well as workshops for teachers.


Check the AGENDA to get more information about these events!


Open Days

GoPhoton! participating research centres open their doors to show what light is, how fascinating it can be and the vast applications it has. Laboratory tours, photonic activities and the opportunity to meet research scientists are just a few of the features that the Open Days initiative offers.


Check the AGENDA to know when the open Days.