A European project by

GoPhoton! brings photonics closer
to society.

GoPhoton! is a European project by the European Centres for Outreach in Photonics (ECOP) and funded through the 7th framework programme of the European Commission. It aims to bring photonics closer to society and to inform the general public at large as to the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of Photonics in our lives. The goal is to make Photonics a household word, gaining recognition and support for the amazing opportunities and growth potential that Photonics represents for society.

The highlight of the project will be the organization of many different activities concentrated in a "PhotonicSplash". These PhotonicSplashes will last several days and will happen across Europe travelling from participating city to participating city throughout 2015, The Year of Light.

During each PhotonicSplash, students, teachers, industry, other research institutes as well as the general public will have the opportunity to learn about Photonics by visiting research centers during open day events, going to exhibitions, attending talks, participating in workshops, and taking part in all sorts of educational, entertaining and fun events revolving around the concept and applications of light.

GoPhoton! actively collaborates with the International Year of Light 2015 initiative. It also seeks synergies with programs conducted by European networks, such as LaserLab, NEA and ActPhast. Furthermore, it aims to involve industry and educational networks such as Photonics21, teachers and science museums through their active participation.